Together, we can

Develop Youth for The Future of Fiji

Our Mission

A Movement To Empower The Youth of Fiji

Youth Fiji empowers Fijian youth’s to reach their full potential through education, mentorship and innovative intervention programs designed to develop and enhance their personal well-being.


What we do

The Youth Fiji founding members, consist of seven peers with many years of experience in Accounting, HR, IT and many other fields. Impacted by this pandemic and facing financial constraints we united together to help other youth’s who are facing financial difficulties and for those who are not experts in technology. We designed websites and other media platforms to make their work easier in finding their dream jobs.

We Provide Career Guidance

We empower our Fijian youth to work towards their ambitions and goals in life and pursue their dream career’s. We believe that our youth’s are the young leaders of tomorrow. 

We Educate

We are committed to help our Fijian youth’s to decide which career they would like to pursue as we always counsel them regarding the importance of education and how gaining more knowledge is beneficial to their success. 

We Are A NGO

The Youth Fiji is an NGO that visions solely in helping our ‘Fijian Youths’. We are 100% Not-for-profit organisation and there is no fees charged for joining us, nor for creating Resumès and neither for job postings.

We Consult

The Youth Fiji is equipped with professionals that provide consultation and counseling to our Fijian youth members regarding their issues and find the best possible solution’s for them.