About us

Who we are

The Youth Fiji is an NGO created by a group of youth who envisioned to empower Fijian youth during the pandemic.

Many Fijians are struggling to decide which career path to take and are undecided on their further studies. Many has been made redundant from work and are struggling to focus on their long-term goals and have started to lose hope and give up in life. Many Fijians are taking suicidal options or has started resorting to inappropriate decisions in life.

The Youth Fiji, was solely foundered due to the below reasons:

  • Youth and adults benefit from each others’ skills, knowledge and capacities;
  • Enhanced organisational development as new energy, fresh ideas and enthusiasm is brought into programs;
  • Additional human resources by sharing responsibilities between adults and youth;
  • Increased credibility of the organisation to both young people and advocates.
  • Increased competencies, self-esteem, skills and knowledge;
  • Enhanced individual development as it provides youth with opportunities to generate real community change;
  • Increased status and stature in the community;
  • Increased self-discipline and time management;
  • Insight into the multiple roles of adults and broader career choices and
  • Meaningful youth participation can enhance a young person’s sense of connectedness, belonging and feeling of being cared and valued, which can contribute to positive mental health.

We at Youth Fiji pledge to solely help our Fijian youth’s make a difference in their lives and achieve success.

Our Approach

Our Mission
The Youth Fiji enpowers Fijian youth’s to reach their full potential through education, mentorship and innovative intervention programs designed to develop and enhance their personal well-being.

Our Mission statement serves as a guide for our website and other media platforms which helps us deliver on our vision for the future. With our commitment to Fijian youth impacted by Covid-19 (made redundant from work and are struggling to focus on their long-term goals and have started to lose hope and give up in life) our mission statement builds on our present term & strengthens. Our aim is to educate, provide career guidance, provide counseling, empower, provide consultation and strengthen Fijian youth network. We are 100% non-profit and commit to sharing our learning outcomes, skills, knowledge and experiences so that our Fijian youth’s can achieve their full potential and achieve success.

Our Vision
The Youth Fiji envisions that through its website, Fijian youth’s will have access to opportunities, skills, resources and the relationship they need to actualize and fully utilize their potentials

Our organization is proud to serve the Fijian youth and elevate their voices and opinions. We are committed to building a website where young and talented Fijian youth’s can have a safe place to develop positive relationship with their peers, find their dream careers, find the direction to their lives and contribute positively in their communities. We vision better and confident future leaders.